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Blackjack Strategy

Updated: Apr 14

#Blackjack Betting Strategy:

Most people see a Blackjack table and think they know how to play. Mostly that’s true as far as how to play your hand, but what casinos don’t tell you is how to bet. Playing “Basic Strategy” is always the correct way to play, see Strategy Card, but "the way you bet" is the best way to beat the game.

#Blackjack is a game of streaks; you will win multiple hands in a row and you will lose multiple hands in a row. The trick is knowing when, so take the guess work out of the picture all together. This is the best way to bet. I start with the table minimum and increase my bet by 50% every time I win. I call this strategy “Progressive Winning”. It seems most of the time I’m back and forth, win a hand then lose a hand, etc. Once you catch that winning streak, and you are adding 50%, keep going. Your bet is getting larger and you are getting nervous, but don’t let the money stop you, continue to add 50%. Keep going until you finally lose, then have the discipline to go back to the table minimum. At this point, even if you catch a losing streak, you will still be way up. The worse thing you can do is be a “Progressive Loser”. Don’t increase your bet when you lose, casinos love this. The odds of winning hands are still in the house favor. You can’t control what cards are coming next but you can control the way you bet.


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